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The latest global statistics show that small medium enterprises are the bedrock of any developing country.

In Nigeria the segment employ over 84% of the workforce, their contribution to GDP IS 50% and generate over 7% of export earnings. It is of note that most of the claim by this enterprise is that their major problem is lack of finance, weak infrastructure, limited access to market etc.

Further research shows that most of these Entrepreneurs lack basic business skills which includes having strategic plans, ability to write a compelling business plan, having business models that generate revenue, proper financial and accounting structure, human resource management, and basic marketing skill. The aforementioned is the foundation of all the other challenges, if this enterprise are not trained in this areas it will be difficult for them to grow because no financial institution will take them seriously if they have no proper financial structure that shows ability to pay back loans.

The literacy level in this segment is also very low and there is need to bridge this gap by using the language opportunity to address this need.

Looking at the problem and doing further research, we have concluded that millions of this enterprise needs to be trained in Entrepreneurship. While the Government and other private individuals are trying their best to support this segment using various initiatives, the number of entrepreneur that needs training run into millions, the huge number makes it almost impossible for Government/private organization to make noticeable headway in the area of training.

Looking at the challenge, we researched and factored that only an automated, robust and agile training platform will cover the gap in the knowledge market and hence we have created this website and made if free to all so that no Entrepreneur is left out and no business is left without enough information on success in this Market place, and so no Entrepreneur has an excuse for failure.

We hope this trainings will meet your knowledge needs.